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Therapy Now is your go-to source for evidence-based nutrition education and advice. Our nutritionist not only helps inform your food and diet decisions, but also actively supports nutritional research. Andy Bains, our nutritionist, is always looking to better understand the relationship between diet and mental health — a truly inspiring mission!

Here's what Therapy Now patients say

"There’s a lot of information out there that makes losing weight hard. Luckily, Andy Bains was there to guide me. He helped me lose 15 lbs and is my go to nutrition guy. Everyone should take advantage of his expertise. So glad to see him join Therapy Now. Thanks Andy!"

- Hamza I.

(Based on a 5-star Google Review)

What is a Nutritionist?

As an expert in food and nutrition, nutritionists advise people how to live a more healthy lifestyle and achieve health-related goals. Our nutritionist 1) Develops a diet and exercise plan for individual clients 2) Support clients through regular meetings 3) Track clients’ progress and motivate individuals to stick to diet plans 4) Coordinate and lead group 5) Promote health and nutrition by giving presentations about the importance of food nutrition 5) Assess individuals’ overall health including sleeping habits

Why book with Therapy NOW Nutritionist in Surrey Newton?

Our nutritionist has many years of experience.

At Therapy Now, all our nutritionist designs tailored program to meet your needs. Whether it is weight loss or weight management, managing a dietary condition, or developing a healthy relationship with food. Each client receives a personalized plan that is created to help them reach and maintain their health and fitness goals. That’s because he believes in sustainable long-term success so you can look and feel better for the rest of your life.

Clients describe sessions with Andy as engaging, fun, and incredibly informative. Andy prides himself as a lifelong learner. He uses his thirst for knowledge to solve problems many face and finds addressing the challenges of living healthier to be the most rewarding. His practice is holistic, evidence-based, and tailored to meet you where you are at. He will share with you why it is so hard to eat healthier, what healthy eating looks like, and create a plan for you to get started with. Specifically, clients enjoy Andy’s myth-busters attitude to nutrition topics as they learn the truth about healthy eating. In addition, his clever use of analogies engrains nutrition knowledge so clients understand the why behind the changes they are making.

Languages spoken: English and Punjabi

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